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A companion. A spiritual friend. A mentor.
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adult mentorship Life is no do-it-yourself project. Mentoring is for everyone. LEARN MORE

The truth is life is no do-it-yourself project.

Mentoring is for everyone.

No matter who we are or what stage of life we are in, we need mentors to support, challenge, and inspire us along the way.

Many adults struggle with believing they are ready to be a mentor and miss opportunities to trust Jesus and themselves. There is no measuring stick for determining the success of being a mentor, but with the right guide, you can offer an important gift in the life of another.

Guiding requires a mentoring heart.

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We are ready to help you mentor by equipping, offering developmental and growth opportunities, and by encouraging you.

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Get Equipped

Become ready and confident

We will equip you and those you provide leadership to through workshops, webinars, and book discussions.

What Matters Most?

Continue to be a growing person yourself

The best gift you can give those you mentor is to be a growing person. Join the conversations.

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Be Encouraged

Encourage others and yourself

Everyone needs some encouragement. We hope to encourage you through blogs, articles, and downloads to help as you mentor others.

Embrace a mentoring way of life by trusting God’s grace to work through you to those you mentor.

A Mentoring Guide: Christ • Conversation • Companionship

is designed to help you navigate a mentoring role with greater confidence and discernment.

Be an important gift in the life of another. Trust and allow God’s grace to work in you and among those you mentor.

A Mentoring Way comes out of the work of VantagePoint3, where our entire ministry is committed to helping you grow up in every way into Christ’s good work for you.

(Eph. 4:14-15) When adults discover more deeply who God is and who they are, they can begin living out what God desires them to be and do.