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A companion. A spiritual friend. A mentor.
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a companionship in which two or more persons intentionally come together to seek and respond to God's activity in their lives.

Adults tend to fall into two types of groups when it comes to mentoring.

     1. Being a mentor feels like a calling. You don’t have to be convinced of its value; you are deeply committed to mentoring in its many forms. You may even be responsible for encouraging and equipping others to be a mentor.

     2. You do not think you have what takes to mentor others. You wish you trusted yourself more to be a mentor and desire to walk alongside others.

Whatever group you or those you are responsible for encouraging and equipping find themselves in, we are ready to help prepare adults for the  mentoring role with greater confidence and discernment.

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We believe guiding others requires a mentor's heart as well as three essential practices we share in our free ebook.

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Our hope for you: May you come to discover and trust the living Christ in your midst as you enter and serve in the ministry of mentoring conversations. 

Already a mentor or ready to begin mentoring?

A Mentoring Guide: Christ • Conversation • Companionship
is designed to help you navigate that role with greater confidence and discernment.

Ways to Mentor

Spiritual mentoring options

We encourage you to try different ways of mentoring to help others grow and mature.

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leadership training

Get Equipped

Become ready and confident

We will equip you and those you provide leadership to through our mentoring events. Join us for workshops, webinars, and book discussions.

Be an important gift in the life of another. Trust and allow God’s grace to work in you and among those you mentor.

(Eph. 4:14-15) When adults discover more deeply who God is and who they are, they can begin living out what God desires them to be and do.