A companionship in which two or more persons intentionally come together to seek and respond to God’s activity in their lives.

When most people hear the word “mentor” they think of two people, with one taking on the role of senior advisor–helping, guiding, and teaching a younger person. But spiritual mentoring is so much more! Here are three different ways we encourage people to experience the power of mentoring relationships for their growth and maturity in Christ:


One-on-One Mentoring: a commitment to intentionally walk with another. Not as an expert or specialist, but simply as someone who loves, asks questions, listens, and prays with someone else.

A Mentoring Guide does not promise a ‘color by numbers’ guide; instead it sets the table for mentors for the highly individualized, deeply spiritual, surprising and rich opportunity to be companions in the work of creating space for God.”

—Keith R. Anderson, author of Spiritual Mentoring and A Spirituality of Listening

A Mentoring Guide: Christ • Conversation • Companionship