Jump Starts to Intentional Spiritual Conversations

Why is it so hard to make a good spiritual conversation happen?

So many of us long to have deeper conversations about the things that matter most to us, yet we also confess a reluctance, or perhaps inability, to initiate such spiritual conversations.

  • Why is this our experience?
  • What sorts of steps can we take to deepen our conversations and relationships?
  • Where might the Spirit be inviting us to greater kindness, courage, and intention in setting the table for the spiritual conversations we long for most?

Listen as Rob, Pam, and special guest Wendy Delcourt talk through these topics.

So many of us do not think we have what it takes to mentor others well. We often think mentoring is only for specialists and experts. But it is not. Spiritual companions are ordinary people. They ask questions. They listen. They pray with us.

The world desperately needs men and women willing to humbly come alongside others and make space for deeper discovery on the journey.

Join Rob Loane and Pam Edwards as they unpack what they are learning about mentoring relationships, mentoring barriers, and practical skills for cultivating deeper spiritual conversations.

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    "A Mentoring Guide does not promise a 'color by numbers' guide; instead it sets the table for mentors for the highly individualized, deeply spiritual, surprising and rich opportunity to be companions in the work of creating space for God"

    – Keith R. Anderson,

    author of Spiritual Mentoring and A Spirituality of Listening